Audio Transcription

Audio transcription is the process in which audio of a meeting, class, speech, video, or other, is recorded and converted into text. An audio transcription can be prepared as a text in its own language and also for translated textual version.

When do I need an audio transcription service?

You shall contract an audio transcription service when you need a record of any source, including videos, to be converted into a text. With this process, you can register important situations which you didn't have time to write; for example, if a business meeting is recorded and each part should be filed and textually documented, we can use audio transcription service. So, there's a possibility of getting textual registration of interviews, judicial recording, classes, speeches, etc..

How are audio transcription services performed?

The audio transcription service is performed from MP3, MP4 audio files or in other formats, and even from videos. The transcription will be done in the same source language or, if required, it can be translated in the transcription process. With the audio file in your hands and having  all involved languages for the process in mind, this file can be delivered to an expert at audio transcription. It may be a simple process, but, if it's done by someone who has no experience in transcription, the final result won't be good comparing the text file and its audio version.

With your file in hands, this professional will convert audio into text, in its whole, mentioning speech errors, vice of languages, etc..

Where do I contract an audio transcription service?

Noveritis works with skilled professionals for your audio transcription services. We remind you that, in addition to audio transcription, we also perform translation of transcription, if required.

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