Certified translation

Many Brazilian companies and professionals have business relations abroad and therefore need certified translations, to receive foreign and send valid documents. Certified translations are needed to comply with Brazilian law and also the law of the document’s country of origin.

All documents composed in foreign languages require certified translations in order to be accepted as valid for all purposes, and it is not only about knowledge and mastery in another language, but the translator must be licensed for certified translations. In this case it is necessary that the technical translator be licensed and trained, as well as a certified public translator: a professional specialized in certified translations as it is known.

Certified  translations professional in general masters one or more foreign languages, which allows him/her to perform certified translations, in addition to being examined and authorized by the State Board of Trade where he/she resides.

Certified translation for international documentation

All international documents can only be officially recognized by public agencies and institutions after they have undergone a certified translation, which makes it an official document accepted as a legal document. This procedure must always be performed when there is the need to make documents official.

Contracting an experienced translator who does not perform sworn services enables the translation to be recognized as legally official; in case it occurred, it would be necessary to contract another translator with legal permission, who would re-translate the whole document. It could represent a huge loss to the contractor.

If you are sending documents to other countries, you will need a certified translation to validate the document and make it official by hiring a professionals who will perform the job as a commercial interpreter with certified translations.

The professional certified to work with certified translations is hired for various services such as, petitions, articles of incorporation, company financial statements, certificates and all other kinds of documents.

Hire a specialized company!

Hiring of professionals specialized and skilled for certified translations can be performed by a company that works in partnership with public translators to request price quotes, which has qualified translation services in various languages such as English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and many others, and which have the best references.

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