Consecutive translation

As we live in a globalized world, consecutive translation is a service that is becoming increasingly requested; and it is true that consecutive translations are a priority. Correct interpretation is essential for interlocutors to comprehend what is being said. With consecutive translation, listeners can argue since they are fully aware of what is being said.

Translation for international events

Promoting an event with international guests and participants is a common practice nowadays in order to expand business, present projects, conduct lectures, etc. Regardless of the segment, the presence of a consecutive translation professional is necessary. Many people speak other languages such as English and Spanish, which are more common in the West; however, it is important to consider that in order to have greater security and certainty that the message or concept being presented is not being twisted, a consecutive translation is essential.

Consecutive translation is a form of faithfully interpreting what the speaker says in the language of the listener; and whenever necessary, in the case of interviews and meetings, translating the interlocutor’s opinions allowing communication.

Consecutive translation for a better understanding

For purposes of better understanding, a consecutive translation is the faithful interpretation, consecutively, and in person, of one language into another one. Using a lecture as an example, the speaker pauses his/her speech at relatively regular intervals, so that the specialized professional can translate. In other words, the translator repeats everything just said in the listeners’ language in a clear and correct manner, building a bridge of without interfering with the content, only performing the consecutive translation according to the language of the listeners.

The consecutive translation service is necessary for event participants and guests who will also make presentations, in the case of a conference, meeting, or lecture so that they feel they have were provided with a good service. Not to mention that hiring a professional fit to perform consecutive translation demonstrates cordiality and respect for those involved in the event.


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