Technical translation

Professional and experienced translators available in more than 80 languages.

Certified translation

Certified translation services is the process of transcribing foreign documents into the national language. It requires legal effects, and public faith valid; with it national documents become valid in other countries.

Simultaneous translation

Also known as simultaneous interpretation, it facilitates communication between a speaker and the listeners who speak different languages without any interruption or pause.

Consecutive translation

Also known as consecutive interpretation, in this translation the speaker fractionates his/her speech, and during this pause, the interpreter translates what the speaker has just said.


The best cost benefit to provide yours institutional videos available in other languages.


Give a local touch by providing  all your media content available in your target market local language.

Audio Transcription

Transcribe all your audio from meetings, class, lecture, video etc. by using our audio transcription services.

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