Translation services

What is technical translation?

 Technical translation consists in a faithful transcription from one language to the other in a document in which official recognition is not required. Each document has a specific subject; for that reason, it is a technical work. So, every single translation needs an expert not only at target-language and source language, but also at the subject of your document.

When do I need a technical translation service?

Documents, like scientific articles, menu of restaurants, technical standards, operation manual, user manual, catalogs, meeting minutes, magazines, press releases, newspaper and also technological fields, like software, systems, application, etc. fit in technical translation. We recommend a technical translation also for academic and didactic books. All subjects mentioned above have special fields for which skilled professionals are required, each one for each field, to perform these jobs.

How are technical translation services performed?

 We can divide technical translation services into three main steps: translation, proofreading and final reading. In the first step, the document is analyzed to check which subject it is about. Then it is submitted to a technical translator. With the conclusion of this step, we submit this translated document to a proofreader who also has knowledge of that subject, who will be responsible for checking terminology, content and coherence of document for its due purpose. Finally, a final reading is made, to check if  the document is ready to be submitted to customer. After performing these three steps, your technical translation service is concluded.

The quality of the technical translation service is on choosing the right translators; we should trust this type of service on competent professionals.  The knowledge and research of terminology, glossary, lexical cohesion referring to technical subjects of materials to be translated are up to these professionals' responsibility

Translation types

  • Technical translation

  • Certified translation

  • Consecutice translation

  • Simultaneous translation

  • Video and dubbing translation


Supported file formats

Below you can see the full list of formats available:

Available languages

Noveritis currently supports 80 languages, thus allowing you to work in a wide range of language pairs.

Afrikaans Croatian Gujarati Malayalam Spanish Latin America
Albanian Czech Hebrew Maltese Swahili
Arabic Danish Hindi Maori Swedish
Armenian Dutch Hungarian Mongolian Swiss German
Azerbaijani English Icelandic Montenegrin Tamil
Basque English US Indonesian Ndebele Thai
Belarus Estonian Irish Gaelic Pashto Tsonga
Belgian French Faroese Italian Persian Turkish
Bengali Finnish Japanese Polish Turkmen
Bosnian Flemish Kazakh Portuguese Ukrainian
Breton French Khmer Romanian Urdu
Bulgarian French Canada Korean Russian Uzbek
Catalan Galician Latvian Serbian Latin Vietnamese
Cebuano Georgian Lithuanian Sesotho Welsh
Chinese Simplified German Macedonian Slovak Xhosa
Chinese Traditional Greek Malay Slovenian Zulu


Where do I contract a technical translation service?

Noveritis is a company specialized in language services, we work in partnership with high qualified professionals to perform the best in class in technical translations. We are ready to work with you. Call to our sales department or, if you prefer, request a quote here.

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